Mackmyra Extra Rök Campaign

Mackmyra Whisky needed a launch campaign for their limited extra smoky whisky, called Mackmyra Extra Rök. Birth produced it.

The base for the campaign was a film about the swedish way of making whisky, in swedish conditions. Whisky is beautiful. And we wanted to illustrate that by shooting the film in slow motion. To acheive real(!) slow motion, there is only one camera that stand up for the job, The Phantom HD, which shoots at the incredible speed of 1000-1500 frames per second. We like the result – we hope you find it tasty aswell.

Birth also produced a website where you could order your own whisky cask. The goal for the whole campaign period was to sell 50-60 casks through the website – the result was 225! Bare in mind that the average price for a cask is apx 20 000 SEK.

The campaign also included print ads, direct marketing material and digital banners.

Client: Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB Agency: Birth Skills: Film Production, Website Website: