Birth is a passionate multirole creative agency and film production company.

We focus on finding innovative new ways that our clients can reach out and communicate with their audiences in an effective, innovative and direct way.

Creativity for us is to come up with someting great and unexepected, trying new ways in new directions. Give us a challenge, and we will deliver! For some people, digital solutions is all about picking the latest wizza-woo technology and doing something around that to get the attention. For us it never starts with the technical solution. We always jot down a strong idea first. And yes, that might sound a little like a cliché but it really isn´t. If you don´t have anything great to say, no one will care if you have built a Nasa control centre. Ideas do matter, wether it´s a film, a website or an installation.

However, we do put a lot of love into the craftsmanship and are always looking into new technology and techniques which will suit our needs. Yet, don´t be surprised to see Magnus in his carpenting pants with a drill in his hand, or Selim building his own custom DSLR camera rig when you stop by. Anything can happen here, and it does. There is a new Santa in town.

The creatives working here are humble, curious, gifted, open minded, keen and multi talented. Some of us have been working in this industry for decades, and some have the skills as if they hade been around for that long. We love to work close with our clients, and in many cases it becomes a relationship for many years.

Our creative workshop is located 20 minutes east of Stockholm by car or bus, in the historic porcelain mill in Gustavsberg. You might have heared of the legendary designers Stig Lindberg and Lisa Larsson? They used to work right here in this building, creating many iconic designs which have been sold all around the globe. No wonder, there are so many fans (read pilgims) from Japan, China, Italy etc. strolling around in the area.

Feel welcome to drop by for a coffee at any time! And if you are really lucky, Selim might play a little solo for you on his Pearl drum set.